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Fly Board in Zanzibar

Fly Board in Zanzibar
Explore the islands of Zanzibar at unbeatable price with us!

Fly Board in Zanzibar

Flyboarding is the newest, extreme water sport. Flyboarding in Zanzibar is a spectacular experience, extremely popular among tourists. Come and take on the sky with the latest adventure! Flyboard is very well organized. The safety standards are up to par and the staff is well trained on use of equipment. We attend well to each of our requests. Very, very happy with the experience and you will definitely come back for more activities next time. We want you to feel and remain comfortable throughout the entire process and we guarantee that you will thank us for an incredible, stress free day!
Challenge yourself to 20 minutes of flying above and below the sea with our unique water toys! Fly above the surface of the sea or dive down below and swim like a dolphin!. Either way your holiday will only get better with photos and memories of a great experience.

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