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Third lung Diving in Zanzibar

Third lung Diving in Zanzibar
Explore the islands of Zanzibar at unbeatable price with us!

Third lung Diving in Zanzibar

Third lung Diving (Hookah diving) is a completely unique experience offered by us at Zanzibar Divers. This activity combines snorkeling and scuba in to an easy to use and exciting experience. Divers breathe air from the surface at up to 8 meters with no certification or bulky scuba equipment required. Third lung Diving takes snorkeling to the next level, allowing you freedom underwater in a completely safe environment. Third lung Diving takes place on the same reefs as our scuba diving and allows groups of differing experience levels to combine for a day out together. We are the first and only dive center in Zanzibar to allow both traditional divers and now third lung hookah divers to enjoy the reef together.
While Third lung Diving with us you can explore the vibrant coral reefs and see a huge range of fish species including butterfly fish, parrot fish, damsels, and lionfish amongst others!

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